Looking for more answers?
    Browse our frequently asked questions below.


Looking for more answers?
Browse our frequently asked questions below.
Do your products and devices include any warranties?
Yes, our soil moisture probes include a 5 year carry in warranty, while our telemetry devices include an 18 month carry in warranty.
Are your products and devices compatible with other systems?
Our soil moisture probes and telemetry devices are compatible with most other leading soil moisture management systems.
How does the AquaCheck system work?
Our soil moisture management solution works using four key components: the soil moisture probe; the telemetry device (which transmits data), the soil moisture management software and the agronomy service.

The soil moisture probe continually monitors and logs both the moisture and temperature of the soil. This information is then transmitted via the telemetry device directly to the online soil moisture management software. Alternatively, data can be captured manually by the farmer/grower using a handheld wireless logger and then uploaded to the online software.

AquaCheckWEB, our online software analyses the data it receives and provides detailed insights, statistics, graphs and other data which allow the farmer or grower to plan irrigation cycles using the information at their disposal.

The agronomy service is an electronic-support service where we equip the farmer or grower with the necessary expertise in order to make informed decisions regarding their irrigation management.
What savings can I expect by using a water management system such as AquaCheck?
The actual savings you will achieve will depend on season, weather conditions and location. Reported results from our farmers and growers indicate significant savings, not only in the amount of water used, but also electricity consumption. Farmers also reported higher yields and improved quality of their produce, thus resulting in a higher gross profit.
What does the AquaCheck probe measure?
All variants of the AquaCheck Soil Moisture Probe measure both the moisture content and temperature of soil at each measuring depth.
Can I use my own irrigation management software?
Our AquaCheck soil moisture probes and telemetry devices are compatible with most leading irrigation management software.
I have very bad cellular reception on my farm? Can you still help me?
Our wireless hand-held logger (Shuttle) enables you to visit your probes to gather data manually. Up to 120 probes' data can be stored on the device. From here you can upload your data to our online irrigation management software - AquaCheckWEB.
Can I upgrade from a manual system to an automated one?
Yes, this would entail a minor change to the probe and adding either our solar powered or battery powered telemetry device.
What does the AquaCheck Soil Moisture Management System cost?
Please contact our head-office in Cape Town for further information. We will put you in touch with a dealer closest to you.
Do you offer support if I become stuck with my system?
Yes, we offer both technical and agronomy support. You're welcome to contact either your distributor, our Support Team, or take a look at our Support page for answers.
Where can I get AquaCheck in my area?
We have distributors all across South Africa and in more than 20 countries around the world. Visit our contact page and send us your details and our team will respond to you as soon as possible and put you in touch with a local distributor.
Our leading expertise include specialised engineering and full agronomy support which makes our products a solid investment for crop growers. AquaCheck is an established company that supplies premium quality soil monitoring equipment that has been designed to optimize the management of water. All products are manufactured in South Africa using specialised, premium quality components.
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