• We manufacture robust, reliable soil moisture monitoring equipment and irrigation management software to get the best results from your crops.
  • 40 000+ Probes installed in more than 20 countries worldwide since 2005.
  • 5-Year carry-in warranty on all our probes.
We strive to provide you with a complete, simple irrigation management solution in every way.
Here’s why you should consider AquaCheck:
Completely Flexible

At AquaCheck we’re flexible in terms of how you wish to integrate our products. You are welcome to purchase our products separately or you can invest in our full soil moisture management system for the best results.


We strive to ensure that every product that you purchase from AquaCheck is reliable, whether it’s our soil moisture probe, a telemetry device, our software, agronomy services or the entire AquaCheck system.

Proudly South African

All our products are manufactured in South Africa, using the best available materials. This ensures that we’re able to maintain control over the quality of our equipment.

Supporting long-term relationships

We pride ourselves on being a company that is a pleasure to do business with. Our agronomy support provides advice to farmers which ensures that they are able to get the best from their soil moisture management systems.

Ongoing Research and Development

At AquaCheck we continuously allocate substantial resources towards research and development activities to ensure we keep ahead of modern technology.