Agronomy Services

Get the most out of your AquaCheck equipment…
Our Agronomy Service is an electronic-support service where we equip you with the necessary expertise in order to make informed decisions regarding your irrigation management, thus ensuring sustainable production in the long run. The AquaCheck e-Support Subscription Service aims to not only provide professional assistance during the initial setup stages of the equipment, but can also give you access to expert insights from a qualified agronomist throughout the growing season should you choose so.

We have two AquaCheck e-Support options to suit your needs:

Standard e-Support

Full support throughout the growing season…

E-Support Lite

Limited support during the first 6 weeks of the growing season…


Comprehensive technical and agronomic support is provided with the main focus being on the correct agronomic interpretation of the data.


Support is mainly of a technical nature to ensure that all settings are correct. No agronomic interpretation of data is done.

Professional Insights

With the aid of a qualified agronomist, insights are provided to aspects such as irrigation scheduling status, irrigation depth, irrigation efficiency, crop growth, root activity, and much more.

Professional Insights

Limited to technical insights on the installation.

Technical Setup and Reporting
  • Review quality of new probe installations
  • Initial probe setup within AquaCheckWeb Software program
  • Root Zones for the top and bottom soil layers
  • Setting the upper and lower management lines
  • Cultivar Lines for detailed management during different growth stages
  • 8 comprehensive reports via email
Technical Setup and Reporting
  • Includes evaluation of new probe installations, AquaCheckWeb Software setup, Root Zone setup and setting management lines
  • 3 technical reports via email

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