Agronomy Services

Our Agronomy Service is an electronic-support service where we equip you with the necessary expertise in order to make informed decisions regarding your irrigation management, thus ensuring sustainable production in the long run.
What is included in the service?

Throughout the season an accredited expert will assist you with the interpretation of the data by means of regular email feedback according to a fixed program.

Initial reports focus on technical aspects such as:

  • Quality of the probe installation and of the data received.
  • Verifying the soil’s water holding capacity and setting of management lines.
  • Setting up individual root zones.

The bulk of the reports focus on irrigation aspects such as:

  • Obvious signs of over or under irrigation.
  • Are there visible signs of long-term water logging in the subsoil.
  • Is the crop exposed to long periods of water stress.
  • Is existing irrigation sufficient to wet the entire profile.
  • Where in the soil profile can most active roots be found.
  • Appropriate adjustments in irrigation amount and cycle length.

A post-harvest summary report is also provided which evaluates how well irrigation was managed during the past season.

It is important to note that this is not an irrigation scheduling service but a support service which enables you to interpret the data and make knowledgeable irrigation decisions.